Sunday, January 30, 2005

Breaking In To The Blogsphere

Breaking into the blogsphere has not been easy. I referenced an entry in Michelle Malkin's blog in one of my posts but for some reason Cosmic X did not get listed as a trackback. I'm so insulted!

Same thing happened when Power Line. I was sure that Hindrocket, The Big Trunk, and Deacon, once they saw the Cosmic X blog, would invite me to join them on the talk show circuit to talk about how the blogshere will make the MSM obsolete. In the meantime silence. Nothing but deafening silence!

I had a little better luck with Little Green Footballs. My first entry pings one of his older posts. I actually saw Cosmic X in his list of "last Referers" but I disappeared pretty quickly as everone refers to LGF. Charles has put still has not put me on his list of Anti-Idiotarians. That's okay, I 'll just have to be patient.
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