Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A Glatt Kosher Deal?

Haaretz reports that Liora Glatt-Berkowitz (LGB for short) and
the prosection have reached a plea bargain:

Plea bargain agreed in Glatt-Berkowitz case

The plea bargain in the case of attorney Liora Glatt-Berkowitz, who confessed to leaking details of the investigation into South African businessman Cyril Kern to Haaretz correspondent Baruch Kra, will be submitted to Tel Aviv's Magistrate Court next month. Glatt-Berkowitz leaked the details about Kern, who was suspected of bribing Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, three weeks before the elections of 2003. Glatt-Berkowitz was charged with fraud and breach of trust and breach of duty. The prosecution agreed to drop the more serious charge of fraud and breach of trust as part of the plea bargain, which was reached after several months of negotiations. It was also agreed that the prosecution will ask for a suspended sentence and a fine, and Glatt-Berkowitz will announce her resignation from the civil service. (Zvi Harel)

This kind of leaves me scratching my head. LGB escapes
a jail sentence, but what did the prosecution gain? It seems to me they had an airtight case, since LGB reportedly admitted to committing the crimes that she was accused of. This deal will not do anything to improve the impression that the Israeli courts tend to give leftists and especially Ashkenazi leftists preferential treatment.

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