Thursday, August 04, 2005

Corruption, Disengagement, And The Israeli MSM

Does anyone involved in the "disengagement" (the Orwelliand word for expelling Jews from their homes in the Gaza Strip and Northern Samaria in order to make these places Judenrein) have anything to gain financially? Eival Giladi sure does:
Yet a third such enterprise has as its managing director none other than Eival Giladi, the official in the Prime Minister's office whom Sharon has designated as the "coordinator" of the expulsion-retreat. The British-owned Portland Trust corporation has plans to raise US$500 million to build 150,000 housing units for Arabs on the land seized from the Jewish farmers. Giladi will substantially augment his meager income as an Israeli civil servant by directing the development of the land, whose present owners are to be "evacuated," after he supervises their expulsion himself. No public official, it would seem, has ever had a stronger incentive for getting his job done!
Will the Israeli MSM report about such corruption? Apparently not:
Independent Journalist David Bedein, speaking from the audience, asked Dankner a biting question, which the latter did not answer. Bedein wanted to know whether tomorrow's edition of Maariv would feature a report on the conflict of interest of Eival Giladi, recently appointed by Sharon to a high-ranking disengagement post - despite the fact that he represents major investors in Palestinian Authority housing projects. Bedein noted that reporters from the right-wing papers covered this story, but that no one from the mainstream newspapers did.
The IDF soldier or policeman who takes part in this, is not only sinning according to many important rabbis, he is also a pawn in a scheme to line the pockets of others with gold.

Update: Report: Israeli Gov´t Corruption Highest in Western World

I'm so surprised!

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