Thursday, August 18, 2005

Moshe X In Kfar Darom

I called my son last night. He said that Kfar Darom is beautiful. The people are wonderful and the air is nice.

This morning he called me and told me that he is in the synagogue and that the troops have entered the town.

Update 12:00 noon: My son is on the roof of the synagogue. He told me that the Chief of Staff has arrived in Kfar Darom.

Update 14:50: My mother-in-law reports that she saw Moshe X on Israeli television. The expulsion of the residents of Kfar Darom has begun. According to Israeli television those currently in the synagogue will be the last to be forcibly expelled.

Update 15:50: I talked to my son on the telephone. He is inside the synagogue. He is under the impression that the troops will come to expel them shortly.

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