Monday, August 15, 2005

The Pillory Of Shame

'People, who operate the "Disengagement" are human beings, family men, high positions bearers. They are adults who are thoroughly knowledgeable of the implications of the felony they are committing by carrying out the uprooting and expulsion of their fellowmen. And yet they are willing to execute these commands, consciously and cold-bloodedly, for the sake of their promotion, false honor, publicity, and greed, or - "just" to preserve their breadwinning or else even out of blind, robotic obedience. Their aspirations for selfish welfare and career come at the expense of the safety and existence of the whole nation - in addition to the blood, the shattered dreams and the suffering, not mentioning the soundness and healthiness of their brothers and sisters.'
This is a quote from The Pillory Of Shame web site, which is documenting those who are behind the crime of destroying Gaza's Jewish communittees and those who are implementing the destruction. If you understand Hebrew, be sure to visit the Hebrew site as it contains information that the English site lacks.

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