Sunday, August 27, 2006

Bringing Redemption To The World

We have learned:

Anyone who says a statement in the name of the one who said it brings redemption to the world, as the verse says 'And Esther said to the King in the name of Mordechai' (Avot 6:6, Esther 2:22)."

So, in order to bring redemption to the world I'm revealing where I heard the joke that I posted in the previous post.

KIMIZION is a web site that you can read/hear Torah classes in a variety of languages: German, Hebrew, Spanish, French and English. The English section, which is relatively new, contains classes that were given by Rabbi David Samson 20 years ago in Machon Meir. For me this is a real "blast from the past."

I already feel that we are a little bit closer to redemption.

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