Monday, August 21, 2006

Cosmic X in the News

This is cool! Internet producer Mark Mietkiewicz mentioned my blog in the St. Louis Jewish Light Online:
"A country should not risk the lives of its own soldiers in order to protect the enemy's civilians. Unfortunately, Israel has often endangered its own soldiers in war for the fear that using superior firepower may cause civilian deaths among those who indiscriminately kill our civilians without batting an eyelid." (
Thanks Mark!

By the way, the false moral system currently in use by the IDF that I mentioned in the post that Mietkiewicz quoted was also mentioned by Safed Chief Rabbi Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu in Besheva:
מפקדי צה"ל הבכירים חייבים להסביר היום לאמהות החיילים שהתגייסו בכל לבם מדוע נשלחו ילדיהן לקרב לפני שמטוסים הפציצו כל בית במרחב. הם חייבים להסביר לתושבי הצפון מדוע היה נכון להשאיר בית שלם במרון א-ראס כשכל לילה נורו משם טילים על צפת וכל הצפון. היום ברור שרוב החקלאים בכפרים הללו היו עובדים ביום בשדותיהם ובלילה אצל נסראללה. האם היה מותר לסכן את חיי תושבי הצפון בגלל המוסר העקום שמגן על חיי הרוצחים הללו

The IDF's senior commanders must explain today to the mothers of the soldiers that enlisted with all of their heart why their children were sent to battle before airplanes bombed every house in the area. They must explain to the inhabitants of the North (of Israel) why it was correct to leave a house intact in Marun A-Ras when every night missiles were fired from there on Safed and all of the North. Today it is clear that most of the farmers in these villages were working by day in their fields and at night by Nasrallah. Was it permissable to endager the lives of the inhabitants of the North because of the twisted morals that shields the lives of these murderers?
We must continue to to work to change the twisted morality code where the IDF needlessly endagers our soldiers.

By the way, this week's issue of Besheva had some good items. Hebrew readers should check out this article about Haifa rabbi She'ar Yashuv Cohen.


Baleboosteh said...

Wow...St Louis jewish Light Online. Congratulations!

Cosmic X said...

First the "St Louis Jewish Light Online", next time the New York Times!

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