Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The pathetic leadership of Israel

Check out this post from The Jewish Worker. An excerpt:
The war has been completely mismanaged. At every stage, the government has approved the minimum, this has led to unnecessary casualties and lousy results. There has been a role reversal here. The army is supposed to protect the civilians. In this war, the civilians are protecting the army. The political leadership has so far refused to send in enough troops to at least minimize the number of rockets fired because they are worried about troop casualties. What this means is that over 1 million residents in the North are exposed to 150 rockets daily putting their lives and property in danger.

It is 30 days since the fighting started, 150 rockets a day have been falling all this time and only now is the government debating whether to mount a full scale invasion. What has the government been doing for the past 30 days?


Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

Cosmic, we gotta do something about olmert. And Miss Tsipi. Did you see Ari Shavit on channel 10 this morning? He called for a unity govt, leaving the current ministerial assignments intact but bringing in Netanyahu, Lieberman maybe, and even Beilin. I would modify his proposal to get rid of Tsipi [= birdbrain] and clip olmert's wings to minimize the damage he can do, both by decision-making and by opening his mouth, which usually means something stupid and/or disgraceful and/or harmful. His every remark ought to be subject to approval by the security cabinet and his decision-making curtailed. Tsipi has to go far away and be replaced at the foreign ministry by Netanyahu who does understand international politics.

Cosmic X said...


I did not see Ari Shavit on ch.10 since I don't have a television...

I personally do not think that a unity government will help. The present government and knesset are like impure earthenware vessels. The only way to pruify them is to break them!

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