Monday, August 28, 2006

The IDF's "Morals"

In the continuing struggle against the IDF's warped moral system that endagers soldiers in order not to harm the enemy's civilians, Rabbi Eliezer Melamed opens his column in Besheva with the following:
לפני הכל צריכים לעורר מחאה גדולה נגד המנהיגות המדינית והצבאית. ובמיוחד כנגד ה'מוסר' הקלוקל שהכשיל את המלחמה, לפיו נשלחים חיילינו להיהרג כדי שלא לפגוע ב'חפים מפשע'. 'מוסר' זה הוא היום כלי הנשק היעיל ביותר של כוחות הרשע.
Before anything else we must raise a great protest against the political and military leadership. And especially against the defective “moral system” that caused the war to fail, according to which our soldiers are sent to be killed in order not to hurt “innocents”. This “moral system” is today the most effective weapon of the forces of evil.

I agree.


Batya said...

I've been involved with this issue for a few years already, ever since my neighbor was killed in just such an army action. His father, Moshe Keinan, has been protesting. There has been a march to Jerusalem every Succot.

Cosmic X said...

I think that the latest war, particularly the battle in Bint J'beil has caused more Israelis to think seriously about the issue. It is important to write/blog/speak about this subject in order to bring change.

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