Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Blood And Cola

A technician from one of the Kupot Cholim had just filled eight small flasks with my blood (for a blood test). Immediately afterwards I bought a coke. Can anyone out there identify where this picture was taken? Hint: Somewhere in Jerusalem.

Update: It is the Merkaz Mischari on Shaulzon St. in Har Nof.


JoeSettler said...

It's not:
-Bell Center
-Ben Yehuda
-Mercaz Clal
-Migdal Yerushalayim
-Machane Yehuda (outside)
-Kanyon Achim Yisrael
-Kanyon Hadar

It may be:
-The Ramat Eshkol Shopping Center
-Machane Yehuda Indoor Center
-Upstair in the Bayit V'Gan(?) mini-Mall(near the Chinese Restaurant).

Cosmic X said...

Nice try Joe, but as they say, no cigar. I see you get around the city.

JoeSettler said...

OK, now I'm annoyed.

I'm gonna have to ask my wife. She knows the entire city (I was about to say she gets around too, but that didn't sound right).

Anonymous said...

-We ruled out the Old City.
-We thought for a second it was the old shopping center near Center-1, but I think that is still closed up.
-I don't recall anything like that in Har Nof.

Now we don't know Har Homa or Rechesh Shuafat so those are possibilities

Cosmic X said...

It is in Har Nof near the big supermarket on Shaulzon St.

Anonymous said...


I've driven by there, but never went in.

Good challenge.

Jacob Da Jew said...

Right across from the bagel store ( where I worked about 9 years ago)

Cosmic X said...


That is where I bought the coke! Who knows, maybe you made me a bagel way back when?

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