Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Private Protest, Our Public Scream

This is for the record! Anyone who wants to know the truth about the shameful parade of homosexuals in Jerusalem scheduled to take place tomorrow should know the following:

This parade is taking place against the will of the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of the city. We really don't want it. It is being forced upon us by the homosexuals and a judiciary that places their immoral set of values over the timeless values of the Torah. These people are raping Jerusalem by inserting into her a foreign object, i.e. this parade celebrating sexual deviancy, against her will. She is screaming, she is pleading, "Please don't! Please have mercy!!!" But the purveyors of filth and those that commit the most perverted of acts will not listen. They proclaim, "The Government is with us!", just like the Arabs of Hebron in 1929. Thousands of armed policemen, most of whom are also appalled by the shame parade, will follow orders and provide "security" for the march of the wicked.

Many conscientious people have done their best to try to stop this desecration of our city. They were not successful. However the truth cannot be altered by a parade or by a media spin. "Politically correct" slogans of "freedom of expression" and "democracy" cannot and will not change this simple fact: Homosexuality is a malady. If one's reproductive system is aroused by someone of the same sex this is certainly not something to be proud of! A million parades won't change that fact. The parade is an act of self deception on the part of the homosexuals and a ruse to recruit others into their depraved cult.

Shame on anyone who participates or facilitates this event! Shame on all those who defile the Holy City and the Holy Land! Shame on all those that promote licentiousness! May the Land vomit you out!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The parade of shame was forced on the city most of whose residents opposed it.

And whatever happened to "Harov kove'a"?

Oh yeah, that's only for when the "rov" is secular/left. (Or they at least claim to be.)


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