Monday, June 04, 2007

Simon and Garfunkel: Breslevers at Heart or Prophets of Assimilation?

Not to long ago I linked to a post by Tzvi Fishman entitled "Prophets of Assimilation" where he disses Simon and Garfunkel:
The reunion engagement of Simon and Garfunkel, 2 lost brothers who sold their souls to the goddess of American success, reminded me of one of my short stories...
Then in the story the protagonist tells us:
At 34th Street, posters of Simon and Garfunkel were plastered all over Penn Station. In another week, they would appear at the Garden for a historic reunion. Sure, they had married shicksas, but man could they sing!

Today I see that Lazer Brody has only good things to say about the musicians:
Two good Jewish boys, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, are really Breslevers at heart, even though they don't yet know it. Such a beautiful melody could only come from the upper portals. I've often sailed through an hour or more of personal prayer, talking and singing to Hashem with this niggun.
Lazer even includes a clip from a Simon and Garfunkel concert in his post.

I am wondering if Lazer Brody is aware to the depths of Tum'ah that Simon and Garfunkel have fallen. Can one oppose the "shame parade" and sing the praises of these assimilated singers at the same time? Is this what Rabbi Brody calls "shmirat habrit"? I personally don't think that Torah Jews should look to ride the backs of Jewish celebrities that have turned their backs on the Jewish people.


yitz said...

Hey Cosmic, Why don't you give Rav Lazer the benefit of the doubt? Didn't he write: are really Breslevers at heart, even though they don't yet know it.? Depths of Tumah - perhaps, but I'm not so sure. In their early days they also sang about Yoshka. Lazer was only saying that some of their songs seem to come from a very high place -- and he may be right. Even R. Shlomo Carlebach had his faults, but we are still inspired by his niggunim!

Cosmic X said...


I am giving Rav Lazer the benefit of the doubt ("I am wondering if Lazer Brody is aware etc."). A Yid even though he sinned is still a Yid, but we can not tolerate intermarriage at all! Intermarriage is Jewish suicide and it cannot swept under the carpet.

yitz said...

Cosmic, thanks for your response. However, the rest of your piece criticizes Rav Brody as if he were aware of S&G's marriages, which I doubt is the case. And, are they still married to these women?
We must also remember the Gemara that says we should condemn the SIN but NOT the Sinner! Kol Tuv...

Cosmic X said...


They are still married with their respective wives as far as I can tell from the web.

Rereading the post I tend to agree with you that it could be interpreted as judging Rav Brody lechaf chovah. That was not my intent.

And I do hate the sin and not the sinner!

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