Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Israeli Baseball League Video

For the baseball fans among us, Arutz 7 has a video of the opening day. It is interesting that Arutz 7 seems to be very enthusiastic about this enterprise. In another article on Arutz 7 about the opening day, someone takes a different look at the league:
"Do we really need to import the big-bucks, beer-jlubbing, hero-worshipping culture of American baseball into the Holy Land?" asks one observer. "This is simply a Greek-like fan-culture with little redeeming value. Did we yearn to leave the Exile for 2,000 years merely so we could build a copy of it here in Israel? It's very nice that the league doesn't play on Shabbat, but I'm afraid that during the week, children will grow up idolizing players, as they do in the U.S. at great cost in time and money, instead of going out to play themselves or otherwise occupy themselves constructively."
Personally, as I mentioned in a previous post, I don't have time for spectator sports.

1 comment:

Batya said...

Spectator sports aren't my thing either, but I think the critic is exagerating the pull of baseball here. It won't be on tv, like in the states.

But norishkiet it is.

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