Sunday, January 22, 2006

Blogging An Jewish-Arab Dialogue

Blogger Yoel Ben-Avraham apparently never rests! He has created a new blog called "Between Shilo and Turmos Ayya":
A Jewish "Settler" resident of the modern Jewish community of Shilo which grew up beside the site of ancient Biblical Shilo exchanges email messages with an Arab, resident of the village of Turmosayya, located in the valley beneath Shilo. Is there a place for true dialog between the two?
So far, it looks like the answer is "no". But we will, bli nedder, check in from time to time to see what's doing.


ifyouwillit said...

looks good.

Soccer Dad said...

Before the intifada that started in late 1987, it wasn't unusual to find "settlers" who had personal Arab friends. In fact there was a level of co-operation between Arabs and Jews in Yehuda and Shomron. (An Arab soft drink company hired Yeshiva students from Bet El to give hashgacha on their soda so it could be sold to Kosher consumers.) Unfortunately, the Peace Now crowd and its fellow travelers deemed that such co-existence was somehow immoral and instead (successfully) sought to empower the terrorists.
Now of course the terrorists are ensconced in Israel's backyard and Israel is told to make things work. If matters had been left alone, the situation never would have gotten as bad as it did. Somehow the leftist messianists thought - against all evidence - that the terrorist PLO could and would make peace. Even now they refuse to own up to their fatal error.

sultan knish said...

from my own experience it's possible to have a dialogue, it's just not possible to have that dialogue actually go anywhere, the basic assumptions are just too far apart

you can have casual acquintanships with anyone but that doesn't mean very much, on any serious issue a discussion ultimately goes nowhere

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