Thursday, April 12, 2007

Links And A Pic

1) Jpix Carnival 5th Edition - The Baleboosteh does a tremendous job.

2) Yaak, the jblogosphere's resident redemption anticipater, blogs on redemption predictions that didn't pan out.

3) Akiva requested a link to JIB Awards, and I am more than happy to do his will. Perhaps this will bring him a hit or two over the next twenty four hours. Read what I think about the awards here.

And now for the picture. While the X family was down south we visited the ruins of ancient Be'er Sheva. There I saw the reptile you see below. I would call him a lizard but I'm afraid that Zman Biur will say that it is really an iguana, gecko or a lizardoid. In any case this reptile is quite content. He had just gobbled down some kind of flying insect which he had just hunted down. I must admit he demonstrated amazing speed and agility in making the kill.


yaak said...

the jblogosphere's resident redemption anticipater
Thanks for the description, but I would hope I'm not alone in that area.

BTW, is the picture in honor of this week's Parsha?

Cosmic X said...


I wasn't thinking of the "shmoneh shratzim" when I put the picture up.

Baleboosteh said...

I am a little late, but, thanks for your kind words and for the link :)

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