Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Jewish Justice

Last week I lamented about the anti-Torah nature of the Israel Judicial System. But there is a solution for those of us who seek Jewish justice:
One component of the Zionist vision of the restoration of Jewish sovereignty was an aspiration for the judicial system of the Jewish state to reflect the principles of justice and cumulative wisdom of this ancient people’s legal tradition.

Accessible, fair, inexpensive justice is an essential ingredient in every sound, civilized society.

Despite the prestige of the Israeli courts worldwide, sizeable portions of Israeli society are alienated from them, feeling that they are not based on the foundations of Jewish law.

On the other hand, the alienation from the state rabbinical courts is also extreme. This system is forced on the entire population and its exclusive authority in divorce and personal-status cases results in bitter antagonism toward it.

Mishpat VeHalachah BeYisrael is operating in cooperation with religious authorities, academics, and experts from the business world.

The Torah has solutions to even the most complex, sophisticated problems of the modern economy, based on the principles of justice, honesty, and ethics. The court will apply the principles of the Torah and halachah in all aspects of public and commercial life and in the ever-changing modern world.

The Mishpat VeHalachah BeYisrael court system gives a tool for solving a serious problems. The solution that is acceptable according to halachah and Israeli law and will make possible the issuance of just rulings based on Jewish law in a pleasant and efficient manner.
Yishar Koach to Eretz Hemdah.


masterymistery said...

Hey Cosmic, as a diasporic jew I find your site elicits a strong feeling of homesickness in me. I agree with your comments about the judiciary (jewdiciary?) and note that the issues are common across the world. Your suggestion sounds like a good idea but I wonder whether it too over time would become corrupted and inefficient... not because of any failing in the teaching, but rather in the humans implementing the teaching.

I enjoyed reading the material on your site, and have listed it on the Cosmic Rapture blogroll at It would be great to see the Cosmic link on your blogroll in turn. Cheers

Cosmic X said...

Shalom Master,

I tried visiting your blog but my ISP , which automatically prevents access to sites that have immodest content, blocked me. Was my ISP being too strict or do you have some racy stuff over there?

masterymistery said...

Shalom, I must say I'm surprised--- some of the ideas in my blog are a little unusual but there is absolutely no pornography, no swearing, no immodest pictures or images, no blasphemy, no idolatry, nothing that could offend in any of those directions. So I don't know what to say---hopefully it was just a temporary glitch or technical issue at your ISP. Anyway, even if you can't get to my site, I still enjoy reading your material, and will continue to do that. Regards, Steve

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