Monday, February 18, 2008

The Red Ethrog

The Ethrog is red. Usually an ethrog is green, yellow, both, or something in between. But today the ethrog is red.

When he was younger he was yellow-green like most ethrogs. But even then the ethrog wasn't really kosher. He tried to pretend that he was, however he had small black spots on his snout. Only the wise knew that he was pasul.

Today however, even the common folk know that the ethrog is chaser, part of the ethrog is missing. He lacks a heart. The ethrog is interested in money and power. He had no interest whatsoever in his brothers whom he is obligated to defend. People are murdered, young children are maimed. As the rockets rain down on Sderot, the ethrog is busy with other matters. Who cares about Sderot? Let them eat kassams!

Then the ethrog started turning red. The spin masters of the Israeli MSM shouted "KOSHER, KOSHER". But the ethrog was far from being kosher. The oketz fell off and the pitam was broken. The spin masters, those emotionally and intellectually deficient robots disguised as human beings, shouted "KOSHER, KOSHER" even louder.

Then the spin masters looked at their own hands. Their hands were full of blood. The blood of the children of Israel was all over their hands. The spin masters were not embarrassed. They took the bloody red ethrog in their bloody red hands and kissed it.
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