Sunday, February 03, 2008

Ynetnews Goofs Again

In an article recently published in the Rosh Yehudi (Jewish Mindset) pamphlet, the Rabbi of Bet El and spiritual leader of the Religious Zionist movement, Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, called on Orthodox Jews to change their deeply entrenched prejudices against divorced women, and to start judging people based upon their character rather than their past marital status.

Rabbi Aviner is that rabbi of Beit El Aleph. The rabbi of Beit El Beit is Rabbi Zalman Melamed.

Rabbi Aviner is a spiritual leader of the Religious Zionist movement, but certainly not the spiritual leader of the Religious Zionist movement. It is interesting to note that the Hebrew version of this article did not have these errors.


Questions About Aviner said...

You're right to make those points. Furthermore, it doesn't really matter what Shlomo Aviner says, nor if he happens to be correct on this issue or not. Rabbis Lior, Yosef, and Levanon remind us that since Shlomo Aviner instructs people to transgress Torah prohibitions punishable by Karet, one may not ask him, listen to him on ANY issue, nor trust in his articles or books:

Please check this out. Your feedback is welcome!

Cosmic X said...

Shalom Questions,

I'll leave the issue of Rabbi Aviner to the Rabbis.

Questions About Aviner said...

A reasonable statement. As you see, there is a list at the above link.

I hope you did not think we were being presumptuous to make such a psaq din.

We do find it difficult (at least within the religious Zionist community) when such rabbis, including Rav Mordkhai Eliyahu shlit"a and Rav Shapira ztz"l are ignored, or when their opinion letters are ripped down.

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