Thursday, October 06, 2005

As The Stomach Growls

Cosmic X and Jews all over the world are fasting today. This is not because that we are trying to lose all of the weight that we put on after two days of holiday meals! Today is the Fast of Gedaliah:
"Tzom Gedaliah (Fast of Gedaliah) is an annual fast day instituted by the Jewish Sages to commemorate the assassination of Gedaliah Ben Achikam, the Governor of Israel during the days of Nebuchadnetzar King of Babylonia. As a result of Gedaliah's death the final vestiges of Judean autonomy after the Babylonian conquest were destroyed, many thousands of Jews were slain, and the remaining Jews were driven into final exile."
Read more about the Fast of Gedaliah here, here, and here.

1 comment:

Batya said...

After 4 large meals in 48 hours, how can you think of eating?

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