Sunday, October 09, 2005

Before The Zionist Period

Check out Emet m'Tsiyon's latest post. An excerpt:
It is clear from this post and other sources from that period of history, that the Arab Muslims in Israel saw themselves as superior to the non-Muslims and as having the duty to defend the Empire and its social system which kept the dhimmis in thrall. NeoPhytos and other 19th century authors quoted on this blog make it clear that the Jews in Israel at that time were the low man on the totem pole, more oppressed and humiliated than even the Christian subjects of Sultan. In other words, contrary to currently widespread conventional views of the pre-Zionist period in Israel, views promulgated by Arabs, by Leftists, and by Western journalists, diplomats, and statesmen, Muslims lorded it over non-Muslims, exploiting them economically, extorting money and valuables from them, often keeping them in a state of fear, and habitually humiliating them.


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

CosmicX: Here's a fascinating article about how a pre-State Arab Court ruled that Ashkenazim are also Jews...

You have to admit - I can drum up the coolest stuff ;-)

Gmar Chatima Tova.

Cosmic X said...

Nice article. Although the claim that the Ottomans were usually fair to the Jews is true only if you consider dhimmi status to be fair!

Rav Kook has a teshuva from that period. I think a shochet asked him if he could say something like "in them name of the merciful Allah" before Shechitah, something that the Muslims required. Don't have the books with me so I can't be more exact.

Gmar Chaticmah Tova!

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