Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Selichot At The Speed Of Light

This was bound to happen to me after what I posted about selichot yesterday. The shaliach tzibur this morning was on the way to entering the Guinness Book Of World Recordings for the fastest selichot ever. I think that he was hydroplaning over a lot of the verses that connect the selichot together. I was pretty miserable, and so was my 9 year old son who came with me to pray this morning. Then of course, when the time comes to say Shema Koleinu, he slows down and really hams it up, losing his chance to enter Guinness' book.

Oh well, worse things have happened to the Jews.


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Sounds like the slichot I went to this morning.

The bright side is that its light out when going to slichot at 5:10 AM.

Question: What is the best thing to do if the chazzan hits the 13 midot before you do. I would think one should skip from where they are, and go straight to the 13 midot.

What do you think?

yitz said...

Jameel Shlita,

I seem to recall that one should definitely say the 13 middot with the tzibbur. Of course, it's best to find a place that prays a bit slower, but if not, probably best to skip one of the piyyutim, and say as much of the rest with the tzibbur as possible.

But as Cosmic pointed out in his previous post, the Selichot are indeed wonderful compositions. Not only their wording, but their structure is nothing short of amazing - how they rhyme & tie together various pasukim & Chazal. Plus now during the 10 Days of Teshuva, the daily "Akeida" piece is a gevalt!

BTW, did you ever hear the RS Carlebach Selichot story with the Ziditchover Rebbe???

Cosmic X said...


I think that Yitz is correct (I don't remember where or if this is written in halacha). Anyway, I find myself doing this a lot.


I'm glad that you appreciate the selichot as well. I've never heard the story that you refered to.

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