Thursday, October 27, 2005

Whither American Orthodox Jewry?

As one who has not been in the States for a l o n g time, I have to rely on others to know what is going on the Jewish community. Not too long ago I posted this, and today I read the following criticism of American Orthodox Jewry by Orit:
But Torah is not about doing what's right anymore, is it? It's about making enough money to send kids to Jewish day schools, so that one day, they could also have a big house and two cars in the same neighborhood and send their kids to the same school and shul, and so on and so forth, forever.
Is Orit correct in her assessment of America's Orthodox Jewish community? Is this what we are praying for?


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

CosmicX: Do you think it was any better in the time of Ezra and Nechamia, when Bayit Sheini was built?

American Orthodox Jewry is the epitome of the Meshech Chochma's warning of Jews not to swap Berlin for Yerushalayim.
Sdaly, for US Jewry, Eretz Yisrael is only the ultimate Six Flags Jewish Disneyland...and not the land אשר עיני ה' א-לוקיך בה"

Batya said...

"Ain chadash tachat hashemesh," as King Solomon repeated in Kohelet.

Anonymous said...

Jameel and muse have said it all.

Ze'ev said...

Cosmic... It's sad but true.

Check out these two posts which gives a little more nuance to the picture...

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