Sunday, May 20, 2007

Say It Isn't So, Patrick!

The amazing Patrick of Clarity & Resolve calls it quits. He parts with a little bit of advice:
Be good to each other, right, left, or otherwise. Be good to individual Muslims—they are our brothers and sisters, and it is their twisted, unreformed faith that we must confront first and foremost. Love Israel always, because Israel is just and in many ways it is the wellspring of our modern civilization of freedom and rights, as well as our greatest partner against our mutual enemies. Be good to dogs and animals. Read. A lot. And always be skeptical about everything until you have looked into it yourself. Always cherish freedom and justice: without them, we are lost. Be ruthless and unremitting in your opposition to forces that threaten freedom, even if it's just speaking the truth when no one else will in casual conversation. Call your Mom once in a while too!
I discovered Clarity & Resolve way back when. He is in my humble opinion one of the best bloggers around and one of Israel's best friends in the blogosphere. His output was truly amazing and I'm not surprised that he got burnt out. Let's hope that after a little bit of vacation Patrick's fingers will get restless and that he will return to blogging.

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