Wednesday, September 17, 2008


17th Elul, 5768


by Cosmic X

Greetings, pleased to meet you, hello,
I want to write about the color yellow,
You probably suppose that I'm a foolish fellow,
To pen a poem about potent yellow.

I'll grab my guitar and you catch your cello,
And maybe we'll melodize something mellow,
A song about sunflowers, corn on the cob, or lemon jello,
Bananas and dandelions of incandescent yellow.

I'll raise my voice and sing a solo,
I'll sing loud and even bellow,
It's true I am a foolish fellow,
To yip and yap and yack away about yellow.


Anonymous said...

I wish I had you for a parent.

Anonymous said...

Also, you should replace "a solo" with "a capello". (even though it's spelled wrong)

Cosmic X said...


I'm flattered. BTW, you have a great screen name! There must be something deep behind it. You could have typed "asdf jkl;" like my typing teacher did. It's much easier than typing cplpecmh.


What I wrote to cplpecmh applies to you as well (Why do I have a feeling that you are one and the same?)

It's good to know that there are poetry fans out there!

Anonymous said...

It's easy, I just use the google verification word as my name.

Someday I'll get bored of it and start using "Name/URL" as my name/URL.

Cosmic X said...

The good old "copy and paste because I am lazy" trick.

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