Friday, October 22, 2010

Rabinfest 2010 II

This is well worth reading. I'll post a snippet:
Public opinion polls commissioned before the assassination predicted a Netanyahu victory over Rabin in the 1996 elections, an indication that the public started to understand that the “victims of peace” are not leading to peace, and that there is no connection between Oslo and peace; the predictable Oslo war only proved the righteousness of those who sounded the alarm starting in 1993.

Against this backdrop, it is easy to understand the ongoing decline in the number of participants in events held to mark a non-existent legacy. Rabin was not a man of letters and did not leave a moral mark. The “Rabin Legacy” slogan was invented in retrospect by “men of letters” and PR experts, in order to appropriate the man’s name and tragic death for the purpose of promoting his erroneous way.

The media continue to be enlisted to the cause of the Oslo march of folly, and continue to disparage and reprimand anyone who questions the false “legacy.”

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goyisherebbe said...

As far as I can understand from history, Rabin was a hater, a son of a hater. Rabin commanded the force which attacked the Altalena, commanded by Menachem Begin, which was bringing arms for Israel to be turned over to the united command headed by Ben-Gurion. Ben-Gurion deceived Begin and set up the Altalena to be attacked. Rabin was the head hit man. (See Begin's book The Revolt)
Rabin's mother, Rosa, once participated in a violent demonstration against the Beitar youth movement. The demonstrators threw rocks at kids, some of them only 12 years old, leaving them bleeding. Rabin was apparently not well nurtured.

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