Sunday, October 10, 2010

Torat HaMelech - Part 4

Methinks the Israeli Police has got its priorities all wrong. Jews are barely escaping being lynched in Jerusalem, and the police are dedicating valuable manpower to confiscate copies of Torat HaMelech from the Od Yosef Chai yeshiva:

Hat tip: Jameel


Ami Vider said... -- one way to change the way Israel is viewed around the world is to tell the bigger story. I tell the story of Tel Aviv and secular daily life here. Something that the mainstream media outlets are not interested in telling. Instead of the focus on police, military, terrorism and extremism shown by the media, let's tell our own personal stories. This will make for a more understanding world when it comes to Israel:

Cosmic X said...

Shalom Ami,

I tend to agree with you. I also write about my personal experiences. If you scrolled down the page you would have seen pics from hakafot shniyot and Baba Sali's tomb.

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