Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rabinfest 2010 III

Here's the latest:

Globes reports that none of the major television networks will provide live coverage of Rabinfest's major event, the yearly memorial in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv. The event will be broadcast by channel 8, and on radio by reshet gimmel. My guess is that just as Israelis will not show up at Rabin Square, they will not let this bizarre form of paganism enter their homes through the radio or the television set. This is true no matter what pop stars will participate.

Kalman Libskind has written the ultimate article about the "Rabin Legacy". At the time of this post their are already over 500 talkbacks.

Update: Ha'aretz reports that TV Channel 1 will broadcast Rabinfest. Why didn't they want to at the beginning?
Industry sources earlier told Haaretz that the ceremony organizers' had demanded a large sums for the rights to the event, as well as refusing to allow advertisements during the program, a condition that deterred commercial networks.
If so, Rabinfest is not just lowly leftist propaganda, it's big bucks!

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