Monday, March 21, 2005

New Yeshiva for Both Hareidi and Religious-Zionist Students

This is an interesting idea:
Amidst all the talk and efforts to bridge gaps between religious and secular youth, several rabbis decided that the time had come to bring together national-religious and hareidi-religious youth.

But what about political differences?:
Politics takes up a very small part of their time. "I discussed a little with some of the hareidi guys what they would do in the future – learn Torah or go to work," said Yehuda Shapira of Kokhav HaShachar. "And one time, we had a small debate regarding the question of the Prayer for the Welfare of the State. Each of us brought sources backing up his opinion, and at the end, each of us understood the other one's thoughts better. We also realized that at a certain stage, there's no further point in arguing... By the way, these discussions take place calmly and pleasantly – as opposed to the yelling you can hear in our Talmud arguments in the study hall. In fact, it is exactly that enthusiasm for learning that attracted me to this yeshiva in the first place."

Read more at Arutz 7.

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Soccer Dad said...

My brother pointed me to this article. The young man Yehuda Shapira of Kochav Hashachar is my other brother's nephew. (i.e. his my sister in law's sister's son.) Wow mishpachah!

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