Wednesday, March 16, 2005

A Rachel Corrie Memorial

This post is in honor of paradigm moonbat Rachel Corrie.

As a public service, I'm reprinting the cartoon from the University of Maryland Diamondback Newspaper which drove the Islamofascists and the Dhimmi Idiots crazy:

Indeed, Rachel Corrie's life and death will be an eternal monument to stupidity.

And please check out this post at LGF:Corrie's Parents Sue Israel.

Update: Patrick has his own memorial at Clarity and Resolve including thoughtful text and biting graphics: Two Rachels.

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patrickafir said...

Yeah, it gets frustrating, huh Mr. C.? The way these morally impoverished creeps lionize people like this, when there are real heroes in this world—like Noam Apter, who died saving 100 innocent people from the fiends that Rachel Corrie defended.

It's so sickening sometimes...

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