Sunday, March 20, 2005

Pro-Expulsion Rally A Dismal Failure

The Jewish sages said that "a lie has no legs." Sooner or later a lie is exposed. Saturday night the government's claim that most of the public support disengagement was shown to be an outright lie. A rally supporting Sharon's expulsion policies drew only 10,000 participants, some of whom were tourists from abroad according to Ha'aretz:
The rally began with a march from Rabin Square to Dizengoff Square, where the dais was set up. Among the marchers were a large number of young people, including representatives of Habonim youth movement from Australia.

Here are a few links covering the rally:

Only 10,000 show up for pro-expulsion march

Disengagement Rally Boomerang

'Israel is leaving Gaza' (Notice how utterly inappropriate this ynet headline is! It is a political slogan and does not describe the event covered in the article!)

10,000 attend pro-disengagement rally in Tel Aviv

Dear reader: As you read the links above, please take note of the mental gymnastics the rally organizers use to explain the low turnout. A classic case of cognitive dissonance.

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yingele said...

N I C E !

Cosmic, a petition of Soldiers who will lay down uniform if they get sent to Gaza, had 10.000 signatures. It was (almost) unheard of in the media.

The left had, a MASSIVE success. They managed to get 600, yes only 600 signitures of Soldiers who want to get out of Gaza, and will lay down uniform if the Jews do not get out...

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