Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Meet Avri Ran

NRG, the online version of the Israeli newspaper Maariv, published an interesting article on hilltop settler Avri Ran. As I read it I thought to myself that it is too bad that only those that know Hebrew can read this piece.

Someone from Arutz 7 must have been reading my thoughts. They published an article in English based on the NRG article. I recommend it.


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Avri Ran is a true tzaddik.

Driving that way to work every way, I see all the wonderful hilltops that he built.

He truly scares the "establishment" in that he does the right thing, without being reliant on the establishment. (What? Building a hilltop without Moetzet Yesha? Without Amana? He's not using funds from One Israel Fund? How will we control what he does?!?!?)

A few more Avri's and I'd feel alot safer in this country.

New Yorker said...

So inspiring. I want to bring 1000 friends and family to Israel to work for Avri. To turn the desert into gardens and drive out those who would turn gardens into desert. The return of the 10 "lost" tribes is near.

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