Tuesday, September 06, 2005

More "Disengagement" Fallout: Teens State Intention Not To Serve In The IDF

Ynet reports:
Group of teens draft petition calling on country’s youth not to enlist in the army, as it “fights its own people and thus strengthens the terrorists.
The ynet article brings a quote from the petition:
“I hereby declare that even though I have reached the age of recruitment to the IDF, I will object to serving in an army that expelled Jews from their homes, that burned down synagogues and yeshivas, that destroyed the lives of 15,000 Jews in the Land of Israel...
Therefore, at the IDF recruitment center I will announce: I have no motivation to serve in an army that fights my Jewish brothers. I will not serve in the IDF.”
I really do understand these teens. The sight of IDF soldiers throwing these brave Jews out of their homes instead of protecting them, all for the benefit of a corrupt government will not be forgotten. However, let's remember that we are still surrounded by enemies, and until the day when "nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more" the army is still important. Let me rephrase that: Serving in the army is more than important, it is a mitzvah. Of course, if one receives orders that are in opposition to Jewish Law he should simply not fulfill them. This was the case before "disengagement" and it will always be the case.


ifyouwillit... said...

Many of these teens will be feeling anger in the immediate aftermath of the disenagement, but at the same time, teens get strong willed and can have very strong beliefs.

I don't think we will face a nation crisis of teens refusing to serve, but the goverment needs to open its mind and realise that there is certianly a storm brewing, and needs to handled in its early stages - call if damage limitation if you will.

Anonymous said...


Batya said...

That's a problem, because it was one of the aims of Disengagement was to disengage the patriotic youth from the army.

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