Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Somebody Needs To Know The Time Glad That I'm Here

The title of the post is from the lyrics of a Beatles tune. I think John Lennon was trying to describe the life of a boring guy and his boring life. But what does this have to do with Cosmic X in Jerusalem?

About a week ago I was walking down Jaffa Street and somebody asked me where the Central Bus Station was. I pointed him in the right direction, quite pleased that I was able to help a total stranger who was unfamiliar with the territory. All of a sudden I thought about that lyric, "Somebody needs to know the time, glad that I'm here." Well, I thought to myself, that's me, isn't it?

The fact is that I lead a very hectic and interesting life, and it is really too bad that I have only 24 hours a day. Is it ridiculous to be happy that you were able to help somebody? Is it a sign of being bored and/or boring?

I saw this today at Mystical Paths:
Sometimes one has an opportunity to do a favor, a kindness, for another. It may seem like a small thing, even insignificant in fact. However, to the recipient, it may be a life saver. And if so, one may have saved a life! Or a family! An impact that could literally, if we had such vision, be counted for generations!

Being kind to another, helping each other out, goes beyond the obvious impact of the event. Don't hesitate when the moment arrives, help your fellow!
I think that says it all. I'd be happy to give you the time of day.


Ze'ev said...

I often ahve the same experience - having random people come up to me and asking me all sorts of questions... it's good ot be able ot help someone out.. especially a fellow Jew in Israel.

Anonymous said...

It is THE small things that count.That is how we spend most of our time.Great post for elul.

Batya said...

One never knows how much the small things help. Just being at the right place without knowing why...

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