Thursday, September 15, 2005

Soldiers Regret Taking Part In Expulsion

Arutz 7 has an interesting article dealing with this. An excerpt:
Yoni and Noa Katzover received a phone call from a Border Guard officer who evicted them from their house in Chomesh. "He asked how we are doing," Yoni said, "and told us of the hardships he's undergoing. He told us of his 10-year-old nephew who refuses to talk with him, and how he broke down crying in the middle of the Kiddush [pre-Sabbath-meal blessing]. He also told us about some of his soldiers who have requested emotional counseling."
A related note: The son of a friend of mine serves in the Golani Brigade. He told his father of an instance where Golani soldiers mercilessly taunted a soldier from another brigade that took part in the expulsion.(And that soldier knew that he better not mess around with Golani.)

Another related note: Rabbi Moshe Tzuriel is of the opinion that those that took part in the expulsion should not be allowed to lead prayers, be called up to the Torah, or be counted in a minyan, until they do teshuvah.

Final note: "Religious soldiers who participated in the evacuation are considered to have impaired their chances for a good match. A number of young women and their mothers said they would not consider marrying someone who had taken part in the operation."


Menachem said...

i think that's absolutely disgusting, not to count somebody for a minyan for doing his duty.

Cosmic X said...


Did you read his psak? The question is if the psak is halachically sound or not. I'll leave that for the rabbis.

Anonymous said...

well i for one think its a sick betrayl of your people, and honestly it might be halachally legit to bar one who goes against Hashem from a minyan.

i did see a very funny disengagement cartoon at this blog about Bush being Sharon's master.

it made me think though, and we had probablly better be careful, because yerushalayim could be on the chopping block soon.

Batya said...

When I saw one of my former students, today an officer, soon after Disengagement, I just couldn't ask, but he just knew what I wanted to know and volunteered "No, I wasn't there. My soldiers and I were doing something else."

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Cosmic: I'm glad its in Hebrew.

There was a comment from a female IDF officer, crying to a family to forgive her, because she was "turned into a robot by the IDF"

I say - that she doesn't deserve to be an officer in the IDF, if she could be turned into a "robot" - nor does she deserve any forgiveness.

She wants forgiveness? Rebuild the home of the ones she evicted.


Cosmic X said...


I know the article that you are talking about! I found that letter VERY interesting and I was even thinking about translating it and posting it here.

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