Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What Is Jerusalem?

After lacking inspiration to write anything today, I finally got some after reading this humorous post by David at Treppenwitz. Read the post. It really is funny.

I detest shopping malls. For me they represent something that I totally despise: crass materialism. The last time that I was in the mall at Malcha, I remember the feeling of not being able to wait to get out of there. The place makes me ill. Cosmic X and shopping malls don't mix.

For me Jerusalem is not the shopping mall in Malcha. Jerusalem for me is the neighborhoods that are full of Batei Midrash and steeped with piety. Jerusalem is the men who get up before dawn to say selichot and to pray shacharit before heading off to work. Jerusalem is the boys and girls that fill the streets and busses in the morning on the way to their respective places of learning. Jerusalem is the soldiers on Sunday morning at the Central Bus Station on their way back to their units after spending the Sabbath at home. Jerusalem is the shuk in Machane Yehuda. Jerusalem is the City of David, the Old City, and the Temple Mount. Jerusalem is the yearning for the redemption of Israel and of the entire world.

That's Cosmic X's Jerusalem folks. I left the shopping malls behind in New Jersey.


Mountain Mama said...

I read Treppenwitz's mall experience. How absolutely embarassing! hehehehe
Like you, I detest mall's and avoid them like the plague.
I miss the old time down town shopping trips with the ten cent stores, and soda fountains. Movie theater's with movies for a quarter, and department stores. I remember the smell of the busses and the sounds and sights. Downtown used to be a wonderful experience. Then came the mall and ruined it all.

Cosmic X said...

Movies for a quarter? I think when I was a child the price already went up to two dollars.

yaak said...

When I was there, the Malcha mall opened. I was probably the only person around that hadn't gone to it. It didn't interest me in the slightest.
Yerushalayim is so much more.
Good post, Cosmic.

Cosmic X said...



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