Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Exclusive Cosmic X Pictures From Yesterday's Demonstration

Note: These are screen shots from a video that I took of yesterday's demonstraton, hence the poor quality.

Someone tied an orange ribbon to the side-view mirror of the police car:

Eileh Barechev

Israel's mounted policemen:

VeEileh basusim

A police helicopter hovers above the entrance to Jerusalem:

Afilu Masokim!

Orange ribbons a shekel a piece:

Paint It Orange!

A high ranking police officer. In the foreground a religious Jew's black skullcap and a border-guard policeman's green beret:

Three Falafels

The girls are urging the border-guard policeman to refuse orders:

Shoter, Chayal, Sarev Pekuda!

An orange ribbon and an orange popsicle:

I love orange!

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