Thursday, June 30, 2005

Cosmic X And Yingele Protest In Jerusalem

Yesterday I was at the protest near the entrance to Jerusalem and I had the pleasure of meeting Yingele there. He's a really nice guy. Here are some screen captures from a video I took of the protest:

Protesters block car on Givat Shaul Street:


Border guard policemen run after protesters on the Tel Aviv - Jerusalem Highway:

Run with me!

Female protester apprehended:


Water cannon blocks Givat Shaul Street:

water cannon

Israeli police on motorcycles:

Black hats and black helmets

Smiling in spite of it all:



DevoraChaya said...

Sources: Gush Katif to be Closed to Non-Residents at Noon
11:25 Jun 30, '05 / 23 Sivan 5765

Several reliable sources indicate that the government plans on closing Gush Katif to non-residents by noon Thursday.

Hundreds of Tents Outside Gush Katif
11:17 Jun 30, '05 / 23 Sivan 5765

Hundreds of army tents have been set up on Highway 232 south of Gush Katif. It is unclear at this time whether the tents are meant to house army personnel and soldiers, or evacuees from Gaza.

Maoz HaYam Being Evacuated
11:49 Jun 30, '05 / 23 Sivan 5765

Citizens reporting that the beachside hotel of Maoz HaYam is being evacuated. Maoz HaYam, or Rock of the Sea, has become a stronghold of Jewish Gaza residents in recent weeks. Gaza residents and other Israeli citizens are said to be attempting to sneak back into the hotel and retake it on behalf of the effort to thwart the surrender of Gush Katif.

It is also being reported that the Girls' Midrasha in Kfar Darom is now being closed off to civilians by the army.

People of Israel! Now more than ever it is clear that the place to fight this war is IN JERUSALEM! We cannot fight the regime from the fringes of the nation. The mind and heart of this regime resides "at the entrance to Jerusalem on the western dividing line" where sits the Knesset, the High Court and the PM's office. IT MUST BE REPLACED!! That is the ONLY SOLUTION!!!

Blagger said...

great pictures! The one with the female apprehended is especially horrifying...

Cosmic X said...

Devorah Chaya,

Do you believe in miracles? I do.


Glad you liked the pics.

DevoraChaya said...

Yoni, I believe that miracles accompany acts of mesirut nefesh. Yam Suf did not split until Nachshon lept in and went into water over his head. Anyone who expects a miracle without some kind of self-sacrifice on his part, thinks too well of himself and expects too much, imho.

Cosmic X said...

Devorah Chaya,

I (Cosmic X) am the one that asked the question. The point of the question is that we do need a miracle. Your point about mesirut nefesh is well taken!

DevoraChaya said...

My apologies to both CosmicX and to Yoni. Yes, CosmicX I do believe in miracles and I pray with all my heart that Hashem in His great mercy will consider that all we have been through up til now suffices to earn one, but I won't count on it.

yingele said...

Cosmicx - It was nice meeting you too. Have a nice evening,


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