Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Several Different Requests To Investigate Sharon's Motives For Disengagement

National Union Party leader Uri Ariel

Likud Central Comittee Members

The Land of Israel Legal Forum


rockofgalilee said...

What is very odd about these types of complaints is that even if they were 100% accurate it would be highly irrelevant.

I don't believe there is any law that says that an elected official cannot vote completely against his philosophy because he thinks it will help him get out of personal trouble. As long as there is no real collusion, that being the AG saying if you do this we won't prosecute.

If proven it will bring more people strongly against him. But if he has a majority in the knesset who wants him to continue in any case because they like his new policy, he can continue.

If the AG says after investigation they proved he didn't do anything wrong, they won't reinvestigate unless "new evidence" surfaces. So as long as he continues doing what he thinks will keep him out of trouble no new evidence will surface.

Cosmic X said...


You may be right. Let's see what the lawyers do with this one.

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