Wednesday, June 29, 2005

More On The Homo March In The Holy City

Arutz 7 reports:
In an apparent response to the Jerusalem District Court decision permitting Thursday’s Gay Pride Parade in the capital, signs were pasted on capital walls during the night calling for “sanctifying G-d’s name by lowering the impure [gay pride] flags”.

The signs add the parade will offend approximately 96% of the residents of the Holy City.
I already expressed my opinion that the best thing to do now is ignore the parade and to be nowhere near it when it happens. Let the homosexuals march in a Jerusalem whose shops are closed and whose sidewalks are desolate. The parade in Jerusalem is a provocation, plain and simple. They want to see the newspapers filled with pictures of black-frocked bearded Jews ripping down signs and protesting against the "innocent" gays that just wanted to take a stroll. Don't fall into their trap!


ifyouwillit... said...

A high school teacher of mine put it well. He used to say the follwing.

"Be gay, let them do what they want with each other, but why shove it in everyone's faces. I don't stand on the back of a truck once a year and scream LOOK AT ME, I'm STRAIGHT so why the hell should they".

The parade is a disgrace to our capital.

Anonymous said...

I agre with you.
But why lower yourself to namecalling?Its beneath you.

Anonymous said...

If they allow a gay parade to continue I think G-d will take Jerusalem away from us and give it to the Arabs.At least they would not defile the holy city with a gay parade.If the observant Jews in Israel dont stop it they dont deserve to live there.Here in New York this past Sunday they had their yearly gay parade and I was out there protesting against it.We had a group of christians and moslems who joined us.Its not a coincident that the very day a world gay parade was scheduled,the gush katif removal is happening.YAD HASHEM.G-ds wrath is coming down.The fact that the gays cancaled their parade there means they respect gush katif.So you see gush katif is not exactly a model of observant true Jews.In fact there are over a thousand Sabbath violators there so G-d is throwing them out.Insread of closing traffic for their piece of land why dont they stop traffic and protest chillul shabbos.But the truth is they dont care about chillul shabbos or gay parades.They care only about their nice big homes and beaches.The chareidim should learn from gush katif.Its true the chareidim fight for shabbos but they must stop the gay parade at all costs.Jerusalem is at stake.G-d is watching.

Kantor said...

As promised, here is my post on the analogy between the Fall of the Second Temple and the disengagement.

Anyway, there is a lot of millenarism around. Specially for a People with a non-Christian calendar!

Cosmic X said...




Your are right. I redid the last sentence.


The gays changed the parade date because they knew that during disengagement the police will be involved (G-d forbid) with throwing Jews out ot their homes and will not be able to protect their parade. BTW, I'm very impressed with your knowledge of G-d's ways. ;-)


I left a comment on your blog.

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