Sunday, June 26, 2005

Too Bad I Was Right

As usual, the judicial dictatorship in Israel has forced its will on the majority. The court ruled against the Municipality of Jerusalem and the gay pride march will take place in the Holy City, as I had predicted.

My advice to all Jerusalemites is to stay away from the gay parade. There is no reason to go there and protest against the deviants. That is exactly what the organizers of the provocation desire. Instead, stay at home or go to the synagogue and do what we do best: pray.

As for the homosexuals I will repeat what I have said in the past:
I have never been able to figure out why somebody is proud that his reproduction system gets aroused by members of the same sex. Is having your wires crossed something to be proud of?
What we all need to know is that a quorum of queers promenading down King George Street or even a slew of sodomizers striding around the city will not turn darkness to light; nor will they turn a malady into a blessing.


Anonymous said...

Or you could join this event:

Homosexuals prompt Temple Mount protest

David Ha'ivri, director of Revava, an organization with the stated mission of ''restoring self-esteem to the state of Israel by restoring national pride and values," said in response to the court's decision, he will be holding a "Jewish pride" parade the same day on the Temple Mount.

"If the Jewish state will allow any other group to assemble, how can they ban Jews from holding a parade demanding access to their holiest site?" asked Ha'ivri.

His group is calling for Jews to ascend the Mount Thursday at 2 p.m. Jerusalem Standard Time to demand Jewish sovereignty over the heavily restricted site.

(Don't know why no Israeli media is reporting on it.)

Cosmic X said...


That's a scoop! Interesting that the Israeli media did not cover this.

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