Wednesday, June 22, 2005

IDF Reserve Soldiers and Officers Say No to Disengagement

Hundreds of IDF reserve soldiers and officers gathered in Jerusalem’s Binyanei HaUmah Convention Center Tuesday to call upon their fellow soldiers to refuse to take part in the Disengagement Plan. Read about it here.


yingele said...

Was there, done that!

It was a really nice kines. Especially the Druze who's son is in jail for commiting a terrible crime!

Believe it or not - he told his General that we cannot participate in the uprooting!!

Chazak Veematz!

Cosmic, I wanna print stickers "Druzi Lo Mgaresh Yehudi" and "Rak Nazi Megaresh Yehudi". But I need sponsors...

Cosmic X said...


Sounds like a good idea. Sponsors? Maybe we should send a shaliach to Chutz La'aretz. ;-) Are stickers so expensive?

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