Thursday, July 14, 2005

Mass Prayer To Cancel The Evil Decree

I would really like to be there but I probably won't be able. Yishar Koach in advance to all those who will be there!


Anonymous said...

well then next week mass travel to Gush Katif.

Anonymous said...

your support is needed at DovBeear blogspot with regard to gush katif.

Olah Chadasha said...

daat, what is he saying now?
I have stopped reading dovbear's blog. I think he is a liberal yuppy who doesn't listen to any-one else's opinions. He calls people who don't agree with him names. Not worth the time!! I say we boycott his blog!! Anyone with me?

daat y said...

He is for hitnotkut.But especially
his arrogant,negative attitude to the effect on thejews of GUSH KATIF.

Cosmic X said...

Daat and OC,

I am familiar DovBear's opinions and style. Would you believe that just the other day I added him to my blogroll? Like I said, I do not take what happens in this virtual world too seriously. Remember that the entire post "Why no tears for Ganim?" and many of the comments were written by people who live far away from here. Their opinion on Israeli matters is worth about as much as my opinion about who should be the next governor of New Jersey.

Anonymous said...

I agree.But it still is upsetting.
The people still are committed Jews
and can't empathize with their brethren.

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