Monday, July 25, 2005

A Haughty Frum Idiot

Mincha at the kotel is always a good way to recharge the spiritual batteries. One of the advantages of living in Jerusalem is the ability to recharge often.

On the way down to the kotel, as I passed through the shuk, I regretted that I only know a few words of Arabic. Wouldn't it be nice to know what the merchants are saying? When could I find time to learn Arabic? I have to work, learn Torah, teach my children Torah, and do all the other duties of the average baalhabus. Apparently I won't be learning Arabic in the near future.

After Mincha I go up to the Jewish Quarter. Lots of tourists are here today. I look at some of them and think to myself: "Do these people know where they are. This is Jerusalem, the Old City of Jerusalem! Why did they came here dressed as if they were at the beach?"

"Cool it, Cosmic," I continue thinking to myself. "Try to remember how you were dressed in 1982 when you came with other college students to visit Israel. Zechor Maasecha HaRishonim! You went to the Kotel, and these are your thoughts? Have you become a haughty frum idiot?"

I hope that the answer is no!


Anonymous said...

The answer is NO.You can think it.
But you didn't act on it.

Cosmic X said...


Here the "thought" is the whole problem. We must always see others "beayin tova".

yingele said...

No is the answer ;)

Maskem, one has to be don lekaf zechis, but for yourself you're allowed to know how one does dress infront of the kotel, and how one doesn't...

Anonymous said...

you can control your actions,Your thoughts are a different story.
Act, b'ayin tov and lkof zechut.

Anonymous said...

i think that you have a great attitude! I tell this kind of thingg to people who say how can you stand "them", the answer is "they really aren't so bad as i used to be so why complain, and what's more in the next twenty years i guarantee you that a number of "those" will be high participating torah true jews, and by the end of this history every one who is Jewish will do Teshuva, (rambam) keep it up

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