Tuesday, July 05, 2005

More Exclusive Cosmic X Protest Pics

No rowdy protests at the entrance to Jerusalem yesterday. The police, however, took no chances, and sent a contingent to keep order. They were left with nothing to do but sit around:

Men at work

The only one blocking the street is a cop:


These pro-expulsion blue ribbon distributers hail from the Baq'a neighborhood of Jerusalem. Baq'a was an Arab neighborhood until Israel's 1948 War of Independence:

We live in occupied territory

A peaceful demonstration at the intersection of Kiryat-Moshe Street and Herzl Boulevard:

Women in orange

The sign says "O my land don't cry. We will never leave you or abandon you":

Women in orange

The sign says "The sign says, "One does not compromise on his mother":

No comprimise

Painting the town orange:

orange kid


CJ Srullowitz said...

thanks for keeping us posted.

Batya said...

Great pictures. I was in a cab this week in Jm and someone thrust a blue ribbon into it near Sacher Park. The driver just crumpled it and put it on the floor.

Olah Chadasha said...

Did you take these with a digital camera, or your pelephone? B/c ya know, if you were to use a really good camera, these would be really marvelous, instead of just really nice.

Cosmic X said...


These are screen captures from video, hence the poor quality.

yingele said...

Baq'a? Cosmic, u know Shalom Achshav r paying 27 Shekel for handing out ribbons lol.

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