Thursday, July 28, 2005

The OU Takes Israel To Task For "Indifference To Civil Liberties"

Aveirah Goreret Aveirah. The sin of expelling the Jews of the Gaza Strip and Northern Samaria drags along with it the sin of the violation of civil liberties of those who oppose the expulsion, and even those suspected of opposing the expulsion. The OU has their say on the profiling of religious Jews:
"As an organization that represents the interests of Orthodox Jewry, we are stunned by reports of security forces singling out persons displaying outward appearances of religious observance for disparate harsh treatment," said the letter, signed by OU president Stephen Savitsky, OU executive vice president Rabbi Tzvi Weinreb, chairman of international public affairs Mark Bane and director of international public affairs Nathan Diament.
Read the rest here.

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