Sunday, July 17, 2005

Israeli Defense Force Or The Israeli Destruction Force?

The IDF is now being used to destroy Jewish settlements in Israel instead of protecting them. The present siege on the Jewish communities in the Gaza Strip is the first step in this process of demolishing Jewish towns and expelling their inhabitatnts.

This is a drastic change in the ostensive purpose of the IDF. Therefore, the army should change its name from the Israeli Defense Force to The Israeli Destruction Force. This is quite convenient as not only does the acronym IDF remain in English, the Hebrew acronym Tzahal will also remain unchanged (Tzva Hagana LeYisrael ==> Tzva Heres LeYisrael).

What do you think, Chief of Staff Dan Halutz?


Daniel Greenfield said...

I'm sure he'll be thrilled so long as he gets to keep the uniform and the knesset position he's been promised after leaving the army

Cosmic X said...

Knesset position? Ministry!

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