Sunday, July 03, 2005

Policemen Lynch Protester In Israel?

Arutz 7 claims that policemen lynched a protester in Ramat Gan on June 29th. Here is my translation of a portion of the Hebrew article:
"He stuck his fingers into the protester's nostrils and pulled up and back in a quick and professional movement and ripped his entire face including damage to the eyes."
The article includes a video of the incident. I hope that Arutz 7 will also put the article up on the English site.

Update: Here's the story in English. Thanks Patrick!

Update: Blogger Yoel Ben-Avraham receives anonymous threats for "spreading anti-government incitement".


patrickafir said...

Yeah, they posted it on the English site, C-X—along with the video. It's hard to tell what happened, and as a skeptic, I can't really draw any conclusions yet.

All I can say is that some of us gentiles back in the U.S. are saddened by this whole state of affairs.

Cosmic X said...

I'm also a skeptic, and that's why the post contains a question mark. Thank's for the link!

yingele said...

Yemach Shemom!

Hashem Yerachem and send us the Rabbi on the Donkey already!

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