Sunday, July 23, 2006

Abomination Pride Parade In Jerusalem Cancelled!

Hat tip: Rabbi Yaakov Menkin.

Thank God!

I think that Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak's "Modesty March" at the Teddy Stadium will take place as planned, however.


M. Simon said...

I suppose this is a step up from Iran where they hang gays.

But perhaps this could be the key to a diplomatic opening with Iran.

I have a wonderful slogan for you that might just work.

We hate gays too!

Now can we all just get along?

You might have to go a little farther and hate Jews too. But hell. What is a little hatred among friends?

Or how about this slogan:

Israel and Iran - united in hate.

Lovely don't you think?

Cosmic X said...

Mr. Simon,

I don't hate homosexuals, nor do I hate adulterers, nor those who are involved with other sexual deviations. I do oppose any one of these groups having a parade extolling their "pride" in what they do, especially in the holy city of Jerusalem.

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