Monday, July 24, 2006

Ephraim Sneh Tries To Shirk Responsibility

The war goes on, the death toll rises, and the results of Israel's fleeing withdrawal from Lebanon become more and more apparent.

This morning an op-ed from MK Ephraim Sneh caught my eye, in particular the following:
"And on a personal note: In 2000 I warned against a unilateral withdrawal from Lebanon, because of the vacuum that would be created by an IDF pullout. I said that Hizbullah would take over the area in all its force, and would deploy opposite our settlements in the north."
Who exactly did he warn, his wife? I don't remember Ephraim Sneh coming out against the withdrawal from Lebanon. Not only that, it turns out that Sneh was the Deputy Minister of Defense in May 2000, the time of the pullout! That is to say that Mr. Sneh has (deputy) ministerial responsibility for the withdrawal and its results.

Perhaps Sneh warned against the pullout in closed meetings with Ehud Barak and other members of that government. Even so, if he really felt that the unilateral withdrawal was a mistake, he should have said so publicly, nay he should have resigned from his position as Deputy Minister of Defense!

I mentioned to a friend the other day that in Hebrew there is no word for "accountability." A quick look at the members of Israel's present government and members of Knesset shows that not only do we lack a word to express the concept, but that the concept does not exist in practice. Sneh continues in his article:
"This is exactly what happened. Now, the IDF is correcting the mistake. I warned that the message we would be sending to the Arab world would be that it is more worthwhile to draw Israeli blood than to negotiate with us. This also came to pass."

"Four months after the pullout from Lebanon the second intifada broke out. We lost more than 1,000. I hope we have learned the bitter lesson."
We can only hope that Ephraim Sneh has learned his lesson, and that he will not continue to support unilateral withdrawals, even if it means losing his seat in the Knesset.


Anonymous said...

We are aware that your 'great warrior'Ariel Sharon has taken a turn for the worse.

May I say with deep faith that he will soon enjoy being in the Presence of the Light of his G-d. And so enfolded in that Light receive his well earned reward.

You know I sent a Get Well Card to his hospital. With all Israel's 'troubles' the PM's office returned a thank you note to me and my family here in Canada.

Tonight my prayers are with Ariel Sharon and with your soldiers.

My faith is deep that PM Sharon will see Israel's victory from his high place in Heaven.

Your recent civilian dead, G-d bless them, will see the same.

With all respect and admiration
Anna Keightley

Cosmic X said...

Thanks for your support Anna. It is appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Your so welcome.

Today my family murmurs the Kadesh for your great wardead and civilian loss of life.

I am compelled to write you again citing sixty-six percent of Canadians are mentally suffering out these atrocities on your families and soil.

Israel has given sooo much to the world community and this is what they receive back in return.

Many Canadians have posted at Jerusalem Post, Talkback section, myself included.

We understand the dozen or so terrorist orgs working out of Syria and Iran are resupplying Hisballah and today, Iraqi Shias delegitimized their own democracy by demonstrating in support of the aggressor Hisballah.

My statement at Jerusalem Post Talkback is number 96.

Particularly I would draw attention to the part where I relate that a manuscript was unearthed from a Irish Midlands bog within days of Israel APPROPRIATELY RESPONDING to the first aggression attacks on its sovereign soil. The manuscript, a psalter (collection of the psalms) at first examination clearly outlined Psalm 83 - a prayer by Asaph to confound and thwart Israel's myriad enemies. All your current enemies are identified. The conclusion of psalm (prayer) cites that enemies will recognize your G-d, IS G-D.

Since I'm new on computer, I don't know how I can transmit this to every internet blogger in view of Canada's firm support of your military operation.

Please transmit this for me if you are able.

And know that your G-D walks Himself with your soldiers.

Israel and Israelis no longer need to apology to ANYONE, ANY GOV't for defending its citizens and soil.

G-D Bless and keep you all.

Anna Keightley and family
London, Ontario Canada.

P.S. We are in shock and dismay that the Iraqi Shias forfeited their own democracy today as they threw their support unequivocally behind Hisballah and leader, Rasmallah in hiding like the rockets under civilian beds. Canadians are in the majority incensed at Ahmedinejad declaring at Arab conference in Malaysia that he supports Israel's eradication. France condemned this statement in the firmest terms as is appropriate.

I'm sorry your soldiers and leadership goes days without sleep and yourselves as well. Our day and night prayers and communications of absolute support for your position is our humble offering today. Continously all day every day in our prayers.

And firm faith you will secure victory over continous barragement on all FOUR BORDERS.

Many of us are discussing how it would be advisable to quickly deploy the Afghan and Iraqi allied troops with experience in guerilla warfare now to your northern border.

Seventy percent Americans and Canadians support Israel at this time DESPITE horrendous media bias and misrepresentation. Spread the word.

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