Monday, July 17, 2006

War Update

The war continues. Rockets fall in the North and in the South. Refugees flee Northern Israel, and some of them take refuge in The Muqata. The IDF strikes in Lebanon. The IDF continues to bomb empty buildings in Gaza.

Update: One soldier was killed and six others injured in an overnight bombing attack on IDF forces operating in Shechem.

Another update for those of us with a short memory: Historical Survey of Israeli Leaders: Will Rockets Fall?

Update: Terrorist Attack Foiled in Jerusalem:
A terror attack was foiled in Jerusalem at the last minute Monday morning after a would-be suicide bomber was discovered near the Old City.

Police stopped a suspicious-looking young Palestinian Authority Arab in IDF Square (Kikar Tzhal) who was carrying a large bag containing a bomb.

Update: We told you so by Shlomo Engel. An excerpt:
We told you that peace treaties are made with friends and war is made with enemies, but you stubbornly insisted that peace is made with enemies and war is made on settlers.

We told you that the Arab problem has nothing to do with a Palestinian state (or lack thereof), but rather with the existence of Israel. But you continued to heap scorn and to blame our troubles on the occupation.

You turned Yitzhak Shamir's famous saying, "The Arabs are the same Arabs, the sea is the same sea" into a shameful slogan, because you wanted to believe the Arabs wanted compromise and a normal life. Therefore, you argued, we must give them more and more and more – without receiving anything in return, of course.

And now for a song:

Ya Nasrallah, Ya Kalb,
Stinky little punk,
Yo mama must have been a skunk,
I'd like to write a song for you but nothing rhymes with Nasrallah.

Ya Nasrallah, Na'al Abuk,
Rotten fish in the Suk,
You really make me puke,
I'd like to write a song for you but nothing rhymes with Nasrallah.

Update: New stanza inspired by Yitz:

Ya Nasrallah, Ya Nasrallah,
A dirty terrorist hated by Allah,
Soon to be six feet under inshallah,
With the rest of the scum of Hizballah.


Anonymous said...

Impala rhymes with Nassrallah.

yitz said...

Hey CX, Wuzza matta wit ya? Ya got no rimes nor reezun? Whuz rong wit inshallah, hizballah, etc??? ya no speaka da arabish??? [Great song BTW, got a tune for it?] :))

Cosmic X said...


LOL! I'll leave up to you to find a tune.

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